The First Time..


What happened the first time you ever tried marijuana?

My first time experiencing the experience of the plant was in eighth grade. My friend Bevin and I were invited over my boyfriend Vince’s house, his mom and sister were gone for the night.  So of course he pinched his sisters sack so we can try it.  His friend Ron was over, to “accompany” Bevin. She didn’t want to try it so Vince and I went downstairs and chilled on the couch.. It was now time to see what all the rave was about….

I took my first hit and choked out the smoke. Then, another, then.. another.

Don’t do that.

If you haven’t tried it before, only start with one hit. You will probably get in over your head(light pun intended) if you don’t. After you take your first hit give it 10 minutes. You will see then if you can or want to take another. No harm, no foul.

Either way my friends and I spent the rest of the night jumping on the backyard trampoline while eating pizza, and then layed down on the trampoline to stare at the stars in a whole new form under the beautiful marijuanamoon.

I will never forget it.


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